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Colour Code 4

Colour Code 4

At last nail techs today can satisfy their client’s demands for colour across all nail systems with the alessandro Colour Code 4 system. 4 Systems all available in 99 colours (* Striplac available in 55 classic colours). Not only do you have the choice from our 99 classic colour range, but also our All Stars Collections and limited edition and seasonal collections throughout the year. Simply choose the durability of the system your client needs and then let them pick their colour!

From Permanent paint with Color Gels, Semi-permanent paint with Lac Sensation to the quick variant of Nail Polish or our innovative peel off UV/LED polish system, Striplac - All in the same colors. Please click on the colours below to choose your system:

Trend Colours - Sweet as Candy

Gummy Bear Gummy Bear SAC-01
Sweet Lollipop Sweet Lollipop SAC-02
Banana Rama Banana Rama SAC-03
Pool Party Pool Party SAC-04
Ice Ice Baby Ice Ice Baby SAC-05

Trend Colours - Cosmic Chic

Electric Blue Electric Blue CC-01
Heavenly Skies Heavenly Skies CC-02
Milky Way Milky Way CC-03
Rocket Man Rocket Man CC-04
Cosmic Pink Cosmic Pink CC-05

Trend Colours - Prêt-à-Porter

Silk Champagne Silk Champagne PP-01
Pret-a-Porter Pret-a-Porter PP-02
Grey Silk Grey Silk PP-03
Satin Sensation Satin Sensation PP-04
Matt Velvett Matt Velvett PP-05
Velvet Red Velvet Red PP-06

Trend Colours - Glam Rock

Purple Passion Purple Passion GR-01
Turquoise Rocks Turquoise Rocks GR-02
Rock Star Rock Star GR-03
Black Leather Black Leather GR-04
Violet Nights Violet Nights GR-05
Black Diamond Black Diamond GR-06

Trend Colours - Prêt-à-Porter

Silk Champagne Silk Champagne PP-01
Pret-a-Porter Pret-a-Porter PP-02
Grey Silk Grey Silk PP-03
Satin Sensation Satin Sensation PP-04
Matt Velvett Matt Velvett PP-05
Velvet Red Velvet Red PP-06

99 Colours

White Honeymoon White Honeymoon 01
Luminous Luminous 78
Moonlight Kiss Moonlight Kiss 02
Milky Dream Milky Dream 03
Heavens Nude Heavens Nude 04
Little Princess Little Princess 79
Sparkly Champagne Sparkly Champagne 05
Be A Star Be A Star 80
Touch Of Magnolia Touch Of Magnolia 06
Shimmer Shell Shimmer Shell 07
Nude Elegance Nude Elegance 08
Sinful Glow Sinful Glow 09
Nude Brown Nude Brown 10
Shimmer Bronze Shimmer Bronze 11
Classic Red Classic Red 12
Sunset Sunset 13
Orange Red Orange Red 14
Mandarina's Mandari Mandarina's Mandari 15
Rockmelon Candy Rockmelon Candy 16
Peachy Cinderella Peachy Cinderella 81
Pomegranate Pomegranate 82
Pumpkin Pumpkin 17
Red Sand Red Sand 19
Caramel Temptation Caramel Temptation 18
Toffee Nut Toffee Nut 20
Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate 21
Chocolate Brown Chocolate Brown 22
Black Cherry Black Cherry 83
Shiny Aubergine Shiny Aubergine 24
Baccara Rose Baccara Rose 23
Velvet Red Velvet Red 26
Sophisticated Red Sophisticated Red 85
Fire & Flame Fire & Flame 25
Red Carpet Red Carpet 28
Secret Red Secret Red 27
Cherry Cherry Lady Cherry Cherry Lady 84
Berry Red Berry Red 29
First Kiss Red First Kiss Red 30
Girly Flush Girly Flush 31
Pink Emotion Pink Emotion 32
Hurly Burly Hurly Burly 33
Sugar Icing Sugar Icing 36
Dollhouse Dollhouse 86
Silky Mauve Silky Mauve 34
Violet Violet Violet Violet 35
Baby Pink Baby Pink 37
Happy Pink Happy Pink 38
Hawaiian Dream Hawaiian Dream 87
Exotic Strawberry Exotic Strawberry 39
Shiny Strawberry Shiny Strawberry 40
Merry Poppins Merry Poppins 88
Sweet Blackberry Sweet Blackberry 41
Neon Pink Neon Pink 42
Pink Melon Pink Melon 89
Bubble Gum Bubble Gum 43
Pink Cadillac Pink Cadillac 44
Pearly Violet Pearly Violet 46
Pink Orchid Pink Orchid 47
Mummy's Plum Pie Mummy's Plum Pie 48
Lucky Violet Lucky Violet 49
Vibrant Fuchsia Vibrant Fuchsia 50
Purple Purpose Purple Purpose 90
Love Secret Love Secret 51
Shiny Rubin Shiny Rubin 52
Elegant Rubin Elegant Rubin 53
Midnight Red Midnight Red 54
Dark Rubin Dark Rubin 55
Dark Violet Dark Violet 45
Lucky Lavender Lucky Lavender 56
Shiny Violet Shiny Violet 91
Steel Magnolia Steel Magnolia 57
Plum Cake Plum Cake 92
Blackberry Blackberry 58
Blue Nuit Blue Nuit 59
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon 60
Deep Ocean Blue Deep Ocean Blue 93
Crazy Lazy Crazy Lazy 61
Wild Safari Wild Safari 94
Peppermint Patty Peppermint Patty 63
Surfin' Usa Surfin' Usa 62
Sparkling Lime Sparkling Lime 64
Sunshine Reggae Sunshine Reggae 65
Wild Cat Wild Cat 95
Mousse Au Chocolat Mousse Au Chocolat 96
Martini's Olive Martini's Olive 66
Velvet Taupe Velvet Taupe 97
Dusty Purple Dusty Purple 67
Espresso Espresso 68
Nude Parisienne Nude Parisienne 69
Cashmere Touch Cashmere Touch 98
Hot Stone Hot Stone 70
Golden Rain Golden Rain 99
Brown Metallic Brown Metallic 71
Saharas Dream Saharas Dream 72
Glitter Queen Glitter Queen 73
Silver Silver 74
Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror 75
New York Grey New York Grey 76
Midnight Black Midnight Black 77

Red Stars

Rouge Noir Rouge Noir RS-01
Red Illusion Red Illusion RS-02
Rococo Red Rococo Red RS-03
Red Paradise Red Paradise RS-04
Butchers Red Butchers Red RS-05
Flaming Spirit Flaming Spirit RS-06
Ribbon Red Ribbon Red RS-07
Ruby Red Ruby Red RS-08
Poppy Red Poppy Red RS-09
Red Alert Red Alert RS-10

Classic Stars

Juan`s Kiss Juan`s Kiss CS-01
Strawberry Mint Strawberry Mint CS-02
Satin Rosa Satin Rosa CS-03
Rosy Wind Rosy Wind CS-04
Sweet Lumumba Sweet Lumumba CS-05
Street Wear Street Wear CS-06
Hypnotic Hypnotic CS-07
Dark Violet Dark Violet CS-08
Purple Haze Purple Haze CS-09
Urban Denim Urban Denim CS-10

Glitter Stars

Marry Me Marry Me GS-01
Green Caviar Green Caviar GS-02
Miss T. Miss T. GS-03
Golden Sun Golden Sun GS-04
Silver Star Silver Star GS-05
Kittcat Kittcat GS-06
Paris Paris Paris Paris GS-07
City Picknick City Picknick GS-08
Pink Garden Pink Garden GS-09
Shooting Star Shooting Star GS-10

French Manicure

French Rose French Rose FM-01
French Beige French Beige FM-02
French Milky French Milky FM-03
French White French White FM-04