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Beach Glam Nailart

Learn the most important steps to perfect your look with our Beach Glam Nailart Step-by-Step Guide.
Used Products
Step 1 Step 1
Prepare the nail as usual for sculpting. File the nails into shape, remove the cuticles by using an electric file and buff the nails by using a 180-grit buffer (ref. no.: 45-212).
Apply FX-One Ultimate Bond+ (ref. no.: 02-410) onto the nail and harden the bonding agent.
Extend the nail by using a stencil (ref. no.: 45-003) with a glitter gel of your choice (example: Frozen glitter gel ref. no.: 23-804) and harden the gel as usual.
Apply FX-One Clear Rose hard gel across the entire nail. Then you harden the gel as usual.
File the surface of the nail into the desired shape by using a 100-grit file (e.g. 100/100 high-speed file Moon ref. no.: 45-204) and then buff the nail with a buffer.
Apply a liberal layer of our transparent colour gel in the colour of your choice across the entire nail (only available as part of a set, ref. no.: 23-715). Harden the gel as usual.
Seal the sculpted nail by using our FX-One Ultimate Shine Non Sticky Clear (ref. no.: 02-481). Harden the gel as usual.
Your Beach Glam nail art is ready!