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PROLAQ is a new scratchproof UV/LED nail polish for professional natural nail colouration at the salon.

PROLAQ offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional UV nail polish treatments. By using state-of-the-art plastic bonds in combination with nourishing additional ingredients, PROLAQ stands out from the crowd for more than just its gentle yet uncompromising adhesion. Individual UV base coats offer you the option of applying UV polish for different nail types and different speeds of removal without damaging the nail plate.

- As easy and fast to apply as nail polish, as durable as gel: 14+ days
- Two concealing base coats containing keratin, biotin and caffeine each offer custom treatment options
- Highly pigmented colours, great coverage
- ‘Cat’s tongue’ brush for the highest level of precision: even coverage, streak-free application
- Long-lasting effect; reinforces and strengthens the natural nail
- Gentle and fast removal using Soak-Off Liquid
- Scratchproof, glossy colour right up to the very last day
- Lightweight feeling
- Formula will not thicken
- Made in the EU in compliance with the guidelines of the European Cosmetics Regulation