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Nail Art Metal Foil for decorating nails or full cover.


  1. Before use, the nails must be thoroughly cleaned and dry.
  2. Apply a base coat when you work on natural nails without primer, the foils do not adhere to the natural nail !
  3. Apply a thin layer of "" sticky"" adhesive foil - depending on the desired design, either on the entire nail or only partially (eg dots). Allow the glue to dry for 8-10 minutes, until it becomes quite clear .
  4. Insert the film with the patterned side up on the nail.
  5. Press the foil carefully with the hoof stick and pay particular attention to the edges of the nail.
  6. Remove the foil from the nail. The pattern should have completely disengaged from the carrier sheet now.
  7. Apply two layers of top coat or top gloss UV gel.
  8. Make sure to seal the nail edge.

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