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Nail Art Basic

Price: €199.00 (97-204)
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Duration: 1 Tag

Special seminar for advanced students of alessandro or those with other qualifications. You have already completed your basic training and worked on many models. Perhaps you would now like to extend the service you can offer? Then this is the very course for you! Here you will become immersed in the world of salon nail art and learn the respective basic skills.

For whom is the seminar useful?

  • wish to offer nail art to your customers
  • want to create the basis for complete mastery of all nail art techniques

Included in seminar price

  • chapter for the alessandro training file
  • working materials needed during the seminar
  • certificate of attendance (A4)

Model information

The nail art basic seminar lasts one day. It is not necessary to have a model.

What will I learn?


  • Introduction to the topic of nail art
  • Utensils for nail art
  • Using nail art brushes, preparation and trimming of a brush
  • Nail art products from alessandro International and their uses: colour gels, Lac Sensation, glitter gels, acrylic colours, etc.
  • Creating a design
  • Explaining different techniques
  • Price calculation



  • Demonstration of tips and finishing by the participants
  • Colour gradients with colour gel
  • Colour gradients with glitter gel
  • Wet-on-wet technique (marbling, flaming)
  • Wet-on-dry technique (abstract and flower)
  • Inlay and overlay
  • Adding nail art utensils (e.g. foil, glitter, stones)
  • Flourishes and loops
  • Animal design
  • Combinations of standard ware (e.g. crackle) in various nail art techniques


Final discussion and presenting the certificate of attendance. Hints for further seminars in the alessandro program.

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