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Nail Art Advanced

Price: €199.00 (Zzgl. MwSt 97-205)
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Duration: 1 Tag

Would you like to impress your customers with exclusive nail art trends? Then the alessandro seminar “Nail art advanced“ is just the thing for you! We will show you how to conjure up pictures and motifs on the nails of your customers which are sure to become the talk of the town. Discover the artist in you and be creative! The seminar is great fun and, at the same time, it will raise the level of competence of your salon. Let’s do it!

For whom is the seminar useful?

For all experienced nail art fans who would like to extend their current knowledge and improve their skills.

Included in seminar price

  • chapter for the alessandro training file
  • working materials needed during the seminar
  • certificate of attendance (A4)

Model information

No model is necessary for this seminar, since the participants are only working with tips.

What will I learn?


  • Introduction to “Nail art advanced“
  • Explaining the various uses
  • “Mixed media“ – combination of different systems and techniques
  • Colour combinations and colour theory
  • Inlay and overlay techniques, 3D gel



  • Colour gradients and background design with colour and glitter gel
  • Aquarium design (inlay technique), abstract and flower
  • Butterfly technique (mixed media with acrylic colours and foil technique), abstract and flower
  • Rapid one stroke with colour gel in combination with acrylic painting
  • 3D gel techniques - flower, animal, abstract
  • French designs using various nail art techniques
  • Introduction to ”Comic“, rapid salon design


Final discussion and presenting the certificate of attendance. Hints for further seminars in the alessandro program.

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