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Maniküreseminar Nail-Stylist

Price: €398.00 ( 97-207)
Price: €0.00 (exkl. MwSt)
Duration: 1 Tag

This seminar provides basic knowledge concerning professional hand and nail care. It includes an introduction to dermatology and hygiene and details on care products and treatment procedures. In the practical part you will learn to apply various methods of nail care including wellness massage.

For whom is the seminar useful?

For beginners, nail technician, hairdressers and cosmeticians. Manicure can be seen as an ideal extra service for all cosmetic professions. Together with extensive knowledge of relevant products and customised offers, manicure can lead to more turnover and better customer relations.

Included in seminar price

  • chapter for the alessandro training file
  • working materials needed during the seminar
  • certificate of attendance (A4)

Model information

In the practical part of this seminar the participants will work on each other. Should you wish to bring your own model with you, please indicate this when registering.

What will I learn?

Day 1 – Theory:

  • Dermatology and skin analysis
  • Hygiene
  • Manicure
  • Nail diseases, problem nails
  • Analysing natural nails
  • Introduction to the world of Nail Spa and Hand!Spa
  • Uses of Nail Spa and Hand!Spa
  • Theory of classic manicure, including product training with Nail Spa

Day 1 – Practice:

  • Working on each other (please come to the seminar with 5 natural nails without enhancements)
  • Perfect varnishing
  • Practising classic manicure, including varnishing


Day 2 – Theory:

  • Revision of seminar contents from the previous day
  • Introduction to wellness manicure, Spa Sensation and Thermasoft


Day 2 – Practice:

  • Working on each other (please come to the seminar with 5 natural nails without enhancements)
  • Wellness manicure with Spa Sensation or Thermasoft
  • Perfect varnishing - French manicure
  • Demonstration of Lac Sensation, possible uses in manicure


Final discussion and presenting the certificate of attendance. Hints for further seminars in the alessandro program.

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