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Kosmetische Pediküre Nail-Stylist

Cosmetic pedicure

Price: €597.00 ( 97-216)
Price: €597.00 (exkl. MwSt)
Duration: 2 Tage

Do not mix up the terms cosmetic pedicure and podology. The latter can only be carried out by a medical specialist. In our seminar “Cosmetic pedicure” you will become familiar with the complete foot wellness program, including all gels and varnishing possibilities for attractive and healthy toes. A growing number of nail stylists are discovering the potential increase in turnover which can result from pedicure and are now offering this service in their salons.

For whom is the seminar useful?

This seminar offers job starters and all those who have learned a cosmetic profession the chance of entering the professional foot care sector, which is a business sector with enormous growth potential and the opportunity to earn up to € 2,000 per month! Unfortunately, even today, many salon owners underestimate how lucrative this line of business can be.

Included in seminar price

  • chapter for the alessandro training file
  • working materials needed during the seminar
  • certificate of attendance (A4)

Model information

The participants will work on each other as models. Therefore you should come to the seminar without artificial nail coating or nail varnish on your toenails. If you have health problems with your toenails, you must inform the educator of this when you register for the course.

What will I learn?

Day 1 – Theory:

  • Dermatology and skin analysis
  • Hygiene
  • Pedicure
  • Nail diseases and problem nails
  • Nail analysis
  • Product training and selling arguments
  • Explanation of a wellness pedicure, including product training Pedix Feet

Day 1 – Practice

  • Working on each other as models
  • Wellness pedicure, including Thermasoft and Spa-Sensation treatment
  • Review


Day 2 – Theory:

  • Introduction to the gels used in UV pedicure
  • Explanation of toenail application
  • Pedix French application
  • Pedix colour application
  • Lac Sensation – UV varnishing
  • Reconstructing a toenail


Day 2 – Practice:

  • Working on each other as models
  • Perfect preparation of toenails with the electric file
  • Wellness pedicure including French
  • Perfect varnishing of the toenails
  • Tips and tricks for refining a toenail application


Final discussion and presenting the certificate of attendance. Hints for further seminars in the alessandro program.

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