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Jelly Naily Set

Limited Edition

Jelly Naily Set

Article no.: 21-117
Glass Gel Yellow Glass Gel Pink Glass Gel Purple Glass Gel Green Glass Gel Blue Bag Pink Swarovski Crystal Shimmer 001 SHIM Size SS20 25 SUStep 1: Remove oil and residue from the natural nail with alessandro cleaner then file into shape.
Step 2: Apply alessandro bonding agent (e.g. Bond Strong 01-941) and cure.
Step 3: Apply alessandro Profi Stencil (Ref. No.: 45-003) and extend nail with Jelly Naily and cure.
Step 4: Apply Jelly Naily to the whole nail and cure.
Step 5: File nail into shape, seal (e.g. with Non Sticky Clear Ref. No.: 23-976) and cure.
Step 6: Polish the nail to a high gloss with a cellulose pad and alessandro Glossy Finish.
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Tattoo chains, platform shoes, transparent look – the 90s are celebrating a proper comeback. Our Jelly Naily Gel will take you on a journey and conjure up the iconic look on your nails in no time. Do you like that extra eyecatcher? The five exciting colours can be applied combined with one another on one nail – trend-setter status guaranteed.
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