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Nachweis nach Infektionshygiene V.O.

Price: €149.00 (97-338)
Price: €0.00 (exkl. MwSt)
Duration: 8 Stunden

In this intensive training course, you can consolidate and extend your understanding of nail treatment. You will learn more techniques regarding individual nail enhancement and be given important tips for everyday life at the salon. The aim of the seminar is for you to optimise your practical and theoretical knowledge so as to achieve even more success as a nail stylist.

For whom is the seminar useful?

This intensive course is aimed at those from other professional fields who have already completed their basic training in nail design. It follows on from the basic seminar offered by von alessandro International.

Included in seminar price

  • chapter for the alessandro training file
  • working materials needed during the seminar
  • certificate of attendance (A3)

Model information

In order to achieve the greatest possible success in the seminar, you should bring a model with outgrown nail enhancements with you on the second day, and on the third and fourth day, a model WITHOUT artificial nails. Working on a model is a key aspect of this section of the training!

What will I learn?

Day 1 − Theory:

  • Dermatology and skin analysis, introduction to the product world of Hand!Spa
  • Nail diseases, problem nails, natural nail analysis, introduction to the world of Nail Spa
  • Explanation of a wellness manicure with Nail Spa and Hand!Spa (product training), Spa Sensation Paraffin and Thermasoft

Day 1 – Practice:

  • Wellness manicure including peeling, paraffin and massage (1 hand, both sides)

Day 2 – Theory:

  • Introduction to the world of alessandro gels
  • Explaining the uses and philosophy of Soft Gel, NNG, Flex Gel, Camouflage, Champion’s Choice
  • Explaining electric files and matching bits
  • Explaining the various refill and backfill techniques (with and without French manicure)


Day 2 – Practice:

  • Working on a model
  • Perfect preparation for the refill using electric files and hand files
  • Working on a model with outgrown nail enhancement
  • Refill with soft gel, including French manicure
  • Introduction to the perfect filing technique “step by step“ and the use of different files and buffers
  • Product overview
  • Sealing with gloss top gel and finishing with nail and skin care
  • Introduction to the extension of natural nails with stencils and Champion’s Choice and Camouflage


Day 3 – Theory:

  • Repeating the individual steps from the previous day, preparing natural nails, applying a nail form, sculpting (including Camouflage und Champion’s Choice)
  • Reviewing the nails, indicating possible mistakes
  • Preparing the next day, discussing the test

Day 3 – Practice:

  • Working on a model
  • Applying a form, using base gels, attaching extending with Ultra White, applying Camouflage, sculpting with builder gel
  • Repeating individual aspects of the filing technique
  • Refining the nail on the model using a file
  • French manicure with Champion’s Choice Ultra-white with ultra-thin application; harmony of the perfect French manicure smileline
  • French manicure with Champion’s Choice Ultra-white with ultra-thin brush application
  • Sealing with Top Gloss (own choice)


Day 4 – Theory: Test

  • Participants must answer 50 questions


Day 4 – Practice: Test

  • Participants must finish both hands
  • 1 hand with natural French tip technique without camouflage gel
  • 1 hand with nail form technique with camouflage gel and French as overlay (ultra-white and ultra-thin)


Final discussion and presenting the certificate of attendance. Hints for further seminars in the alessandro program.

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