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Glitter Gels

Glitter Gels

It’s s how time! More and more customers are asking for nail art or for their nails to be discreetly “spiced up”. The Glitter Gel from alessandro International is particularly well suited for this extra service. These shimmering, glittering and radiant special gels meet the most varied needs of your customers – from sparkling nail coating in opaque, highly pigmented gold up to the fine lustrous finish for a French manicure. Easy to apply and quick to work with, for all creative demands!



  • High pigmentation and fine shimmering coatings
  • 22 highly pigmented, opaque glitter effects
  • 4 transparent glitter effects
  • Suitable for all Nail Art techniques
  • Suitable for nail extension with templates
  • One-Coat Application
  • 26 products

24 neue Glittergele

Stardust Stardust 801
Harmony Harmony 802
Rosy Rust Rosy Rust 803
Frozen Frozen 804
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy 805
Studio 54 Studio 54 806
Jungle Jungle 807
Berry Bear Berry Bear 808
Heavenly Night Heavenly Night 809
Peachy Glam Peachy Glam 810
Bon Bon Bon Bon 811
Wedding Cake Wedding Cake 812
Arielle Arielle 813
Golden Girls Golden Girls 814
Marilyn's Diamonds Marilyn's Diamonds 815
In Love with Tango In Love with Tango 816
Pole Dance Pole Dance 817
Silver Star Silver Star 818
White White 819
Venice Carnival Venice Carnival 820
Rose Rose 821
Kitticat Kitticat 822
Pink Pink 823
Marry Me Marry Me 824