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Soft Gel

Soft Gel

Soft Gel is the classic among UV gels and for over 20 years has been a favourite of thousands of nail stylists that use exclusively Soft Gel in their nail salons. The basis of the Soft Gel technology is formed by the acid-free adhesive system that guarantees a gentle, yet incredibly strong bond between the natural nail and the plastic. Soft Gel is subject to strict, continuous quality control and is produced in a complex process that involves a great deal of crafting by hand – a method that is unique in the world and that highlights the quality of these gels. The Soft Gel products have been developed to ensure a customised fit for different types of nails and differ primarily in their consistency and flexibility. Soft Gel offers many advantages in its handling as well: clear and odourless, it does not run, spreads out smoothly on its own, and requires little filing.



  • The world’s first acid-free UV-gel
  • Hand-stirred in a globally unique manufacturing process
  • Drip-proof, with self-smoothing effect
  • No intermediate curing needed during the sculpting, as soft gel products are stable
  • Colour-stable without yellowing
  • No discomfort following the curing
  • Easy to work with thanks to the “soft” consistency
  • Forgiving of slight sculpting errors made by untrained nail stylists
  • Adapts flexibly to the different nail types, ensuring maximum comfort
  • Highlydurable,yetappliedinsmallquantities
  • Gel system with variable sculpting capabilities
  • Type-specific nail sculpting for extreme comfort
  • For nail stylists with high quality standards
  • Refill, tip and template kit
  • No yellowing