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Pure Gel

Pure Gel

After many years of research, alessandro International has developed a plastic, which fulfills the highest standards of purity: Pure Master Gel. Completely odourless, it has been dermatologically tested, with “very good” results, shown to cause no skin irritations. Pure Master Gel products spread out smoothly on the surface, and their crystal-clear consistency gives nails a thoroughly natural look. They are especially good for sensitive natural nails, as their formulation ensures stress-free comfort.



  • Acid-free
  • Elastic
  • 1-phase gel
  • Colour-neutral
  • Dermatologically tested (“very good”)
  • Easy to work with
  • For sensitive skin suffer to allergies
  • Natural nail reinforcement
  • Short nails with a natural look
  • For nail stylists who prefer an “all-round gel”
  • Crystal-clear nail coating WITHOUT the “pink effect”
  • Refill, tips and template kit

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