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Flex Gel

Flex Gel

alessandro International was the first company in the world to develop LED UV gels whose cu- ring in a special LED UV device produces no heat. Flex-gel products are especially elastic, and so are well suited to naturally extending the nail using a tip or template, as well as to coating the nails. To ensure maximum bonding with the different nail structures, the Flex-Gel technology offers gels with different consistencies and so enables individual adaptation to the natural nail.



  • Acid-free
  • LED UV Gel
  • Very flexible
  • Optimal sculpting properties
  • Various gel viscosities
  • Gel for well-trained nail stylists
  • Nail sculpting for very natural and flexible comfort
  • Nail sculpting suited to nail type
  • LED UV technology: saving time
  • Refill, tip and template kit

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