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Colour Gels

Colour Gels

UV colour gel has many advantages over traditional nail polish, which is why it is increasingly popular in nail salons. Among these, in addition to the short curing time, opacity and durability are critical. The UV colour gel products from alessandro International cure entirely, from top to bottom, leaving no annoying inhibition layer between the gel and the sculpted nail. High-quality ingredients guarantee the stability of the colour pigments, and so the gel does not need not be stirred before application to ensure that the colour is spread evenly. The Colour Gels from alessandro come in 99 colours, matching the nail polish – so you can give your customers their favourite colours for repolishing!



  • High colour intensity – strong opacity
  • Colour stable, homogeneous consistency (no separation of pigments)
  • 99 colours currently on offer, matching the nail polish
  • Scratch-proof
  • Acid-free
  • deal for nail art
  • Apply thinly
  • Guaranteed curing with two-coat application (apply in two thin layers)
  • lasts up to 6 weeks

Trend Colours - Cosmic Chic

Electric Blue Electric Blue CC-01
Heavenly Skies Heavenly Skies CC-02
Milky Way Milky Way CC-03
Rocket Man Rocket Man CC-04
Cosmic Pink Cosmic Pink CC-05

Trend Colours - Prêt-à-Porter

Silk Champagne Silk Champagne PP-01
Pret-a-Porter Pret-a-Porter PP-02
Grey Silk Grey Silk PP-03
Satin Sensation Satin Sensation PP-04

Trend Colours - Glam Rock

Purple Passion Purple Passion GR-01
Turquoise Rocks Turquoise Rocks GR-02
Rock Star Rock Star GR-03
Violet Nights Violet Nights GR-05

Trend Colours - Tropical Jungle

Underwater Love Underwater Love TJ-01
Mintastic Mintastic TJ-02
Coral Crush Coral Crush TJ-03
Tropical Heat Tropical Heat TJ-04
Pinkini Pinkini TJ-05
Fantasy Island Fantasy Island TJ-06

99er Colour Explosion

Honeymoon Honeymoon 101
Moonlight Kiss Moonlight Kiss 102
Milky Dream Milky Dream 103
Heavens Nude Heavens Nude 104
Nude Elegance Nude Elegance 108
Shimmer Shell Shimmer Shell 107
Sinful Sinful 109
Mousse Au Chocolat Mousse Au Chocolat 902
Latte Macchiato Latte Macchiato 901
Satin Rosa Satin Rosa 911
Baby Pink Baby Pink 137
Pretty Ballerina Pretty Ballerina 929
Little Princess Little Princess 179
Dolly's Pink Dolly's Pink 186
My First Love My First Love 930
Meet Me In Paris Meet Me In Paris 933
Rosy Wind Rosy Wind 910
Silky Mauve Silky Mauve 134
Dusty Purple Dusty Purple 167
Dark Violet Dark Violet 145
Blackberry Blackberry 158
All Night Long All Night Long 913
Violet Sky Violet Sky 932
Purple Purpose Purple Purpose 190
Sexy Jill Sexy Jill 935
Red Carpet Red Carpet 128
Red Paradise Red Paradise 904
Velvet Red Velvet Red 126
Red Illusion Red Illusion 906
Midnight Red Midnight Red 154
P.S. I Love You P.S. I Love You 934
Shiny Aubergine Shiny Aubergine 124
Berry Wine Berry Wine 936
Rouge Noir Rouge Noir 905
Happy Pink Happy Pink 138
Hawaiian Dream Hawaiian Dream 187
Neon Pink Neon Pink 142
Hurly Burly Hurly Burly 133
Bubble Gum Bubble Gum 143
Pink Cadillac Pink Cadillac 144
Pink Melon Pink Melon 189
My Laury My Laury 928
Sweet Blackberry Sweet Blackberry 141
Petite Nana Petite Nana 931
Juan's Kiss Juan's Kiss 909
Just Joy Just Joy 915
Cherry Cherry Lady Cherry Cherry Lady 184
Elegant Rubin Elegant Rubin 153
Pink Diva Pink Diva 908
Vibrant Fuchsia Vibrant Fuchsia 150
Purple Secret Purple Secret 151
Rock Candy Rock Candy 116
Crazy Coral Crazy Coral 927
Peachy Cinderella Peachy Cinderella 181
Pomegranate Pomegranate 182
Orange Red Orange Red 114
Pink Emotion Pink Emotion 132
Girly Flush Girly Flush 131
First Kiss First Kiss 130
Berry Red Berry Red 129
Secret Red Secret Red 127
Fire & Flame Fire & Flame 125
Ruby Red Ruby Red 907
Classic Red Classic Red 112
Mellow Peach Mellow Peach 924
Papa Papaya Papa Papaya 925
Peach It Up Peach It Up 926
Limoncello Limoncello 923
Midnight Black Midnight Black 177
New York Grey New York Grey 176
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon 160
Urban Denim Urban Denim 912
Greenwood Greenwood 920
Wild Safari Wild Safari 194
Mr. Bamboo Mr. Bamboo 922
Holy Guacamole Holy Guacamole 921
Mintastic Mintastic 914
Baltic Blue Baltic Blue 918
Ocean Dive Ocean Dive 916
Peppermint Patty Peppermint Patty 163
Crazy Lazy Crazy Lazy 161
Deep Ocean Blue Deep Ocean Blue 193
Got The Blues Got The Blues 919
Lucky Lavender Lucky Lavender 156
Baby Blue Baby Blue 917
Black Cherry Black Cherry 183
Dark Rubin Dark Rubin 155
Nude Parisienne Nude Parisienne 169
Hot Stone Hot Stone 170
Cashmere Touch Cashmere Touch 198
Mocca Mocca 903
Toffee Nut Toffee Nut 120
Velvet Taupe Velvet Taupe 197
Brown Metallic Brown Metallic 171
Merry Poppins Merry Poppins 188
Rich & Royal Rich & Royal 199
Silver Moon Silver Moon 174
Glitter Queen Glitter Queen 173
Illumination Illumination 178

Glitter Stars

Marry Me Marry Me GS-01
Green Caviar Green Caviar GS-02
Miss T. Miss T. GS-03
Golden Sun Golden Sun GS-04
Silver Star Silver Star GS-05
Kittcat Kittcat GS-06
Paris Paris Paris Paris GS-07
City Picknick City Picknick GS-08
Pink Garden Pink Garden GS-09
Shooting Star Shooting Star GS-10

French Manicure

French Rose French Rose FM-01
French Beige French Beige FM-02
French Milky French Milky FM-03
French White French White FM-04