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Champions Training Nail Stylist

Price: €199.00 (Zzgl. MwSt 97-203)
Price: €0.00 ()
Duration: 2 Tage

Would you like to become a champion in nail design? Then this training course is just the one for you, because you will learn and train the fine art of nail enhancement on a very high level! An ideal course for all nail stylists who want to be among the best in their profession and who would also like to take part in championships.

For whom is the seminar useful?

For nail stylists who already have professional experience and/or who have completed a nail master seminar offered by alessandro International. For those who wish to prepare themselves for a championship.

Included in seminar price

  • chapter for the alessandro training file
  • working materials needed during the seminar
  • certificate of attendance (A4)

Model information

You can ONLY book this seminar if you can bring your own model with you. The model must not have artificial nails and the nail bed of the index finger should have a length of at least 12 mm as measured from the nail bed to the hyponichium. Remember: The more attractive and longer the nail bed of the model is, the more attractive the result of your work will be (based on the assessment criteria used at championships)!

What will I learn?

Day 1 – Theory:

  • Introduction to the world of championships, overview of various championships and their differences, requirements for participation, international championships, championship criteria and assessments by the jury
  • Procedure, time management and work station during a championship


Day 1 – Practice

  • Working on a model (5 perfect nails)
  • The perfect championship nail – tip overlay with and without camouflage gel / French overlay, working procedures and perfect filing technique
  • Perfect varnishing during a championship, varnishing techniques


Day 2 – Theory:

  • Championship sculpting – gel on form
  • Sculpting white with and without camouflage gel
  • Pinching, work procedures
  • Perfect filing technique


Day 2 – Practice

  • The participants work on both hands of the model using the chosen championship technique (tip or sculpting), including varnishing
  • If desired, the participants can take a lunchbreak of up to 60 minutes
  • Tips and tricks


Final discussion and presenting the certificate of attendance. Hints for further seminars in the alessandro program.

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